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вторник, 22 сентября 2015 г.

How ur low self-esteem influences the people around

Recently I've begun to read some articles about how u can avoid mistakes in parenting. I've begun to read them only because all these things are the things u should do to make yourself better.

You know I find a lot of interesting things. I think about how they raise me, how somebody near me raises their child. I figure mistakes out starting from low self-esteem ending with huge complexes which interfere to live and which were not a big deal for me not so long ago.

And here one video is where u can see how ur self-esteem influences the people around, especially the children. It would be not so bad if the problem was only in the appearance self-esteem, but try to imagine how many things you don't like in yourself? What do u needlessly worry about? Wrong decisions, blaming yourself, feeling guilty, the desire to be liked by other people and so on and so on. The list of the worries can be very long. All these things we are broadcasting to the people around and they are perceiving that.

It is enough to blame yourself. Just stop it ;)

Watch the video:

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