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вторник, 19 мая 2015 г.

Make love not war – as John Lennon said

Not so long ago I was at a lecture of Zhenya Timonova about altruism. Where did it come from, why did our ancestry have altruistic habits, oh wow do even mice behave altruistically --- Zhenya answered all these questions during her lecture

Actually, Zhenya is a cool person. She appeared from nowhere with the new Youtube show about animals and their human habits and now she and her show are very popular amoung russians. I think foreign interest of Zhenya's show is near at hand.

It was interesting to see and shake Zhenya's hand and congratulate her, in person, for a job well done.
U can find and watch here the whole lecture but I want to tell you of one curious moment about this lecture. Sorry, I think we have this lecture only in Russian.

In the middle of it she says that she usually picks the reference people to look at while she making the speech. She just picks some people she like in the audience and looks at them during her speech just to be comfortable with telling the story. And the people she choose are usually have fair eyes. So blue, gray, green eyes are okay and black and brown are not good enough for her. She mean no offence but it's the way she feels comfortable talking to the audience. She finds people with fair eyes more understanding.

After saying this she asked what we felt at this moment. And I'd like to ask u what did u feel when u'd read it? What about me, I felt some commonality with the people with the fair eyes (coz I have kind of blue eyes). Did u? Or maybe if u have dark eyes colour u felt the commonality with the other half of people, didn't u? I think that's amazing.

Then Zhenya said that it was just a rubbish to show us how easy people can split the audience in two groups. And how easy it is to make people little unfriendly to each other splitting them in such a way. And how easy we can join the strangers in our minds only because they have some appearence sign. And how easy u can believe in such a rubbish. I think we all there felt stupid because what she did worked on us as it works on people who is influenced by war propaganda or just some other propaganda.

So what I wanted to say is what terrible things can be done on account of our instincts and of knowing how to work with them. Our subconscious can really ruin our lives, so be careful with it.

After all I was in Tula this weekend. And visited some weapon museum. I looked at all the weapon was made from ancient ages till nowadays and I realized that I didn't know before how cruel people can be.
Why would anybody want to hurt other people? Seriously. I mean not to say something bad, I mean the very desire to couse some damage to the human like u urself.

Then I came up with a thought of being poor and being hungry and maybe coused by injustice. Yes, u can do something terrible if somebody else hurts u. But okay, if everything is fine? Why would anybody want to start a war not being attacked? You personally, would u like to hurt a human like u, not monster, with two eyes, two ears and even two legs? I believe that the most people will say "No" honestly. But as we could see earlier it's quite easy to influence people telling them that they are <put here some human mark> and the others are <put here another human mark> and that the first are better than the second ones. "What a bullshit!", --- u will exclaim if u turn on ur brains, but it works even in small groups till u don't.

However, think about it. And if u've still not seen it, watch this video of Zhenya (and it's again in Russian):

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