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понедельник, 11 июля 2016 г.

Where the unhappiness leads to

Hello my friends! When will the articles issues be stable? Or I'd say when will I start to write my articles regularly, huh? Oh I don’t know. Maybe the mother Nature deprived me of regularity…

Today I want to write the post as a result of reading the site go-deep.me.

At first I wanted to name it «Where the psychology leads to» but then realized that it will only push my audience off because my readers are so pragmatic!

Okay. Let’s begin! Not so long ago I wrote about Russian depression and after that moment there appeared a concept of Suffering in my environs. It means suffering that was instilled by outer environment to [russian] people, precisely by parents, by culture or some massmedia. It is something sort of masochistic time spending when a person likes to suffer in some weird way and wherein the person feels hisself as a part of something more big, spiritual, intimate.
«I’m going to suffer and drink some tea» means «I’m going to think about how hard life is and gonna spare myself and my relatives having that tea.»

It sounds pretty funny till the moment this suffering thing comes up close to me with much strong force and then so hardly I have a deal with it. Good news that I had an experience of joyfulness and happiness when in one magical moment I understood that at the moment we all suffer it is only the thing that we really want to do. It’s okay if we don’t lie to ourselves and feel a real sadness about some accident or some inner trouble. But definitely it is not okay if our suffering lasts for quite a long time and we skip the moment we have to stop and this big tail of suffering keeps being reborn by our masochistic feelings.

In that case with the suffering tail I am trying not to make things worse. I don’t listen to Tsoy songs, don’t read the poems of Esenin and all that stuff that can push me only in more deep sadness and that stuff that says us that the life is for suffering and we were all born with one mission — to suffer. Sometimes you know to get yourself better it’s enough to stop making things worse.

And now smoothly I’m leading you to the thought where the unhappines leads to. How to stop suffering and begin to live? It really helps me out to think about the sense of our life and look at the life picture from the view of the whole universe. What do all these cats and dogs exist for and what a hell all these people do on the Red Square? Where are we all going to?

After a long suffering time when everything goes to hell and you can’t find any sense of any fucking thing around, you finally can’t find a sense of all that suffering thing either.
And at the moment I came up with the cool idea. The sense of life is to stop suffering and to start enjoying because enjoying is more enjoyable than suffering (oh you can argue with that, in that case there is no any proper to read the end of the post).

So if there is no a BIG heaven plan for living and nobody’s watching us like parents who as fast as you do something «bad» hurry to punish you, you can become an author of you life not being scared to be punished for your happy existence.

In that right mood the world represents itself like a new thing in my eyes. Meeting people with sad eyes I only think that they just not in the right moment of life, still noone guarantees that they will ever come to the happy life but i have a hope. If I see a person I imagine him as something that lives in our beautiful world and that can be  happy and watch how he builds his life or spoil it. It’s sad to see myself as a person who destroys some oportunities but I do that much less. Again, the Nature uses the way of trial and mistakes and who knows what will happen with these people which you had a chance to be with right now.

Watching animals I feel the excitement because of their carelessness and I become glad that we don’t need to fight for food like some of them do.

I see every cloud as something just because these clouds, my experience and I are the parts of this one big system.

Some ugly buildings in the center of Moscow that spoil all of the view around several kilometers now seem to me not so ugly, they seem to me as just the stage of the evolution of the Nature.

And finally the division into goodness and badness exist only in a bad mood. And it comes to me time after time and I’m not sure if it ever stops to come to me. But the oftener the joyfullness happens to me the oftener my mind remembers that I can live this way.

Stopping to suffer is not an easy problem to solve but remember that everyone here is born possibly for happiness and not for opposite things.

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