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вторник, 9 августа 2016 г.

The Netherlands: what's wrong and what is right about it?

Hello my dear readers! I'm glad you opened my blog page again! I promise you'll not regret it :)

This time I want to change my article format about trips. Usually I write about where I was and what I liked and what route you can choose to see not touristic or some interesting touristic places, or how to do nothing during a trip and then have no sorrows about it. But now...

First of all first variant of post will be in English (usually it comes in Russian first). And second of all I'll write about what I liked about the place in common and what I didn't like and how imagine living in the country paying attention to my likes and dislikes.

So what was good?

The Netherlands is a great country! Everything is clean and strict. Road markings are always accurate painted on all roads. All buses comes right in time. People are very polite. They can speak English, yes they can answer in English too. And yes they say "sorry" if you don't speak dutch. All this stuff is awesome.

They have all these coolest houses ever:

Dutch people are bicycle geeks and it is certainly good.

And you can borrow bicycles on a railway station if you don't have one. Just buy special card first then it will be cheaper.

The channels are amazingly beautiful.

All cities and towns look like dozens doll houses streets. And you feel like a doll living in a doll houses country.

And yeah they have seagles. It is pretty nice.

Coming out from a railway station you can suddenly find yourself in a fairytale (The name of the fairytale is Zaandam)

Sometimes you can meet nameplates with russian forbiddences: ("It's forbidden to sign on walls and windows")

So everywhere is just perfectly right. Even photos of channels or rivers look quite and still. You can fall into the picture water while peering. See windmills?

And if you turned up in a good company you may have the calm evening with smoking at the balcony and talking about nothing for several hours. And of course pet with a pet :)

Or go to taste the best yogurt you've ever could possibly tasted before: the coconut one! Taste it, or you'd miss everything in your life!

I can go on. About yammy melons and fish and herring burgers or shrimp with bread or even the sea!.. Btw I can't let my self not to put here the photo with the sea and my mom and with almost no people around.

All of that was perfect.

So why, why not all the people live there? It's hard to tell something not too good after I've recovered the memories posting these photos. But I have to.

What I don't like about Netherlands.

It's always cold there. Always. Always. When it's not everybody moans that it's too hot. And if the sun shines everybody moans about their eyes hurting. It strings me up a bit.
And the wind is everywhere, almost always. You can't make some nice hairstyle coz the wind will ruin it all.

It is quite expensive to go to cafes. Everywhere. And they don't have good native cuisine except some fish sandwiches and meat balls.

They have no space. I always felt like I was in the damn doll houses valley! I want to see large native spaces :) Ok it is because I'm Russian but still to feel streets pressing my sides is not the best feeling!

People are not very communicative and friendly. They are very polite and they seem very nice. And if you are in some cafe or need some help they are around to give you a hand. But if you need only communication then you have to make some efforts.

They have a lot of bicycle men. They are everywhere. You have to be very careful in the streets. I didn't make any accidents. But sometimes I was close. 

They're not crazy. Sometimes I need crazy things :) It is too calm there. Too still. Come on people! Wake up and do some things wrong, you're too right!

You have no chances to correct anything. All environment around you is perfect. You inner perfectionist likes it. At first. And then your perfectionist wants some field to expand his activities, but everything around is already done perfectly... You have to calm down. Do not be such a rebel. Spend holidays in Russia to feed your inner perfectionst up! And then back and be silent.

Ok that is what is not right about Netherlands but you already have heard of it a lot and look how it's done! Nothing to correct. Even Red Lights street is perfect.

I've got to finish. I have my work in the morning. So night people! And travel! :) Or live in Netherlands with your family like these guys do:

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